Sunday, 29 March 2015

Edinburgh // Life

Good morning (or should I say good evening), lovely blogsphere friends.
Last week I spent it in Edinburgh and got loads of pictures that I didn't get the chance to post on my little internet corner, but there you-better late than never, right?
Everytime I visit this beautiful city I have a huge smile on my face and get loads of inspiration and energy that keeps me going for the next week or so.
I am in the countryside at the moment, but more on this will follow on the next posts, so stay tuned...and if you would like to see more of my Scottish adventures, then why don't you follow me on Instagram for insta life updates.

Have a fabulous Sunday!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Lifestyle // Lunch breaks under the sunlight

Natbee's Fashion blogger Aberdeen
Natbee's Fashion blogger in Scotland

This week has been crazy! I had back to back meetings, deadlines to catch up and of course a couple of experiments running that keep my stress into high levels.
Thankfully thought, yesterday was sunny :) So without any second thoughts, Steven and I went for a lunch break at the Botanical Gardens and enjoyed ourselves under the sunshine.
It is amazing what a few hours of sunlight can do to your mood. I forgot all my projects for a while and got lost in the beauty of the blue sky.
Right now, I am drinking a cup of tea as the weather looks miserable as ever and I cannot wait for the weekend to come. We have plans to spend it in the countryside with Mikey, so be prepared for loads of dog walk pictures to follow!

How's your week?


Monday, 23 March 2015

Lifestyle // The solar eclipse and another weekend in Edinburgh

Solar eclipse in Edinburgh 2015
This weekend I travelled down to Edinburgh for a conference. Luckily, Steven came down with me so we got to spend the weekend in the lovely capital. On Friday we woke up early in the morning to chase the sunrise with the hope to see the solar eclipse.
Solar eclipse in Edinburgh 2015
Solar eclipse in Edinburgh 2015
After we realised that it would only be visible around 9.30am we rushed to one of our favourite places, the cafe Kilimanjaro, in 104 Nicolson Street. As per usual-and since we were famished-Steven had a classic English breakfast and I had a lovely cheese scone with my coffee.
Solar eclipse in Edinburgh 2015
Solar eclipse in Edinburgh 2015
Solar eclipse in Edinburgh 2015
Full with energy, we headed back to Arthur's Seat to watch the eclipse and boy was it a unique experience!
Solar eclipse in Edinburgh 2015
The moment of the eclipse clouds over floated the sky but it turned out to be a good thing as it didnt make our eyes hurt and it was easier to notice the eclipse this way.
Solar eclipse in Edinburgh 2015
The sky was grey and the sun looked like the moon at nights. The darkness lasted for a minute or so and then the sky colours quickly changed into the pink, pastel colours before a sunset. We were mesmerized and kept taking pictures to capture the unique moment.
Solar eclipse in Edinburgh 2015
Soon after the light filled again the atmosphere, the clouds disappeared and we made our way back to the University.What a lovely thing to experience!

Was the eclipse visible from your city?


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Personal style // The Ralph Lauren shirt

UK fashion blogger wearing Fatface
wearing: shirt-Ralph Lauren, necklace-Swarovski, jacket-Fatface, jeans-Levi's, bag-c/o Oasap, shoes-Debenhams
Ralph Lauren pink ladies shirt
UK fashion blogger spring 2015
Caravelle NY watch as seen at Natbee's Fashion
Fatface winter jacket as seen at Natbee's Fashion
This weekend my darling Vasileia and I made plans to meet each other for 10' and have a quick photoshooting. We turned out to spend a couple of hours drinking coffee and catching up on all our news (weird how quickly time flies) and future plans. Once it was a bit chilly, I was wearing my new Fatface jacket that I blogged about here. Havent taken it off me since the day I bought it; it has become my second skin and it is also the reason why I decided to sell my old jackets on ebay. On this note, if you would like to have a look on my ebay items list, please do it here, I am hoping you might find something that you like, such as my pink vintage coat or blue Topshop oxford shoes that so many of you complimented about on previous posts. That's it for now...

Oh, I would almost forgot, Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Do you have any plans for tonight?

*Thank you Vasileia Pavlidou for taking all my pictures


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